First Cabin Hanshin Nishiumeda


This project for "First Cabin Hanshin Nishiumeda", located right in the heart of the "Kita" district, the gateway to northern Osaka, is the first all-new construction project for First Cabin. This is one of the main facilities in Osaka, complementing First Cabin Midosuji Namba in the "Minami" district. Railway tracks used to run right through this long and narrow site, with a frontage of 10 m and depth of over 100 m. The building features a structure combining braces and 100-mm square columns, and cabins are placed efficiently to secure maximal interior space with none wasted. Resembling a white box, the facade is simple in design. Blue lighting in front of the building shines on the facade at night to accentuate it in among the surrounding high-rises. Designed with the concept of "A Hiding Place in the City", the interior imparts feelings of calmness, security, and freedom from of pressure in guests.


Location: Osaka City, Osaka

Floors: 2 aboveground

Structure: S

Design period: Aug. 2016-Jan. 2017

Construction period: Feb. 2017-Oct. 2017

Site area: 1,190.76 m2

Building area: 774.20 m2

Total floor area: 1,497.98 m2