First Cabin Kyoto Arashiyama


First Cabin Kyoto Arashiyama was constructed as part of the aseismic renovation project of Arashiyama Station Hannari/Hokkori Square, which is connected to Keifuku Electric Railroad (Randen) Arashiyama Station. A total of 100 cabins occupy the previously unused areas on the second and third floors, and the rooftop has been renovated into a lounge from which guests can enjoy sweeping views of beautiful Arashiyama and Tenryu-ji, adding to the hotel’s appealing. Installing a floor on the existing open rooftop space and increasing the building’s earthquake resistance reduced the number of places in the building that require aseismic reinforcement. This rooftop structure also delivers economic benefits to the hotel by maximizing the floor area. As the facility targeted at female guests, the interior is white-based and wood-toned, accented by vermillion on the exterior of the existing building. The result expresses the fascination of Arashiyama and creates a secure and relaxing space.


Location: Kyoto City, Kyoto

Floors: 3 aboveground

Structure: RC

Design period: Sep. 2016-May 2017

Construction period: June 2017-March 2018

Site area: 4,212.84 m2

Building area: 960.01 m2