First Cabin Nihonbashi Suitengu


First Cabin Nihonbashi Suitengu was built as an all-new construction project for First Cabin’s 21st facility. It stands at a convenient location within walking distance of Tokyo City Air Terminal (T-CAT), where limousine buses to and from Haneda and Narita Airports depart and arrive. The building was designed under the concept of "A Women’s Retreat". The facade lighting expresses the light of paper-framed lamps using indirect lighting through perforated metal. The strip lighting at the tip of the wing wall emits a sharp light, accentuating the vertical line. As the site is situated in a residential area, the base color of the building is a clean white that both makes the building stand out while blending in with the surroundings. The interior is predominantly white, underscored by gray and wood-toned nuanced colors. The indirect lighting emphasizes the texture of the walls, provides a sense of floating to the edge of the counters and benches, and creates a light and simple space.


Location: Chuo-ku, Tokyo

Floors: 8 aboveground

Structure: S

Design period: Dec. 2016-Aug. 2017

Construction period: Aug. 2017-Sep. 2018

Site area: 342.79 m2

Building area: 250.62 m2

Total floor area: 1765.07 m2