First Cabin Nishiazabu


Renovation of a 45-year old office building has culminated in First Cabin Nishiazabu, located by the Nishiazabu intersection. The existing building used to be rented out as office space, but as time went by the number of vacant rooms increased, and the rent fell. It was therefore decided to redevelop the building as a First Cabin with 206 guest rooms to help meet the rising demand for hotels due to the influx of international tourists. To create a luxurious space with the concept of "gorgeous", private room-type premium cabins are also available, and the reception lounge comes with a piano bar. The building stands as a new landmark of Nishiazabu. Taking advantage of the site’s breadth in facing the intersection, a ray of light across the lower floors unifies the existing segmented volume to produce a new, highly visible facade.


Location: Minato-ku, Tokyo

Floors: 9 aboveground, 2 belowground

Structure: SRC

Design period: July 2016-March 2017

Construction period: April 2017-Jan. 2018

Site area: 547.18 m2

Building area: 459.01 m2

Total floor area: 4,527.05 m2