Futtsu Holiday Villa


This villa stands on a cliff with a view of the sea from Uchibo. The site is a one-hour drive from Tokyo, and was constructed as a weekend house to spend days off at the ocean away from daily life in the city. A façade was created for the south-east side of the structure, where neighboring houses stand, to ensure security and privacy. A garden was created on the north-west side facing the ocean, enabling the residents to enjoy the view. The blue of the ocean and sky can be felt in all of the rooms, creating an extraordinary spatial atmosphere for any occasion.


Location: Futtsu, Chiba
Floors: 2 aboveground
Structure: RC, S
Design period: Dec. 2008 - May 2009
Construction period: June 2009 - Dec. 2009
Site area: 1,015 m²
Building area: 263 m²
Total floor area: 345 m²