Shinpo New Nagoya Plant


This is a new construction project for a smokeless roaster manufacturing plant.

In contrast to another company’s plan, in which the site with an 8-meter difference in elevation was developed on a flat site and the production functions were divided between the first and second floors, this project utilizes the difference in elevation of the site as it is and consolidates the production functions in a single location with the second floor as a single plate. The office is located on the second floor overlooking the entrance to the site to enable management of incoming and outgoing visitors and logistics, as well as to enable linkage with the production area. The first floor is used as a stock area to reduce external management costs. The cafeteria is located on the third floor, which offers a good view of the site, and its utilization rate has been improved, contributing to higher employee morale. The building is located on the side of the prefectural road to increase the visibility of the facility, and the guest parking area is located on the first floor in front of the building, while the employee parking area and truck yard are located on the second floor behind the building to clearly separate each line of flow. The guest area and cafeteria were designed to resemble a roastery.


Location: Miyoshi-city, Aichi, Japan
Floors: 3 aboveground
Structure: S
Site area: 9,553㎡
Building area: 4,046㎡
Total floor area: 6,292㎡
Completion: 2022.03
Client: Shinpo Co.,Ltd.