Toyota Boshoku Global Head Office


This project provided one-stop support for basic conception of global headquarters construction, including site selection, functional organization, and conceptualization, followed by basic planning, workplace consulting, support for holding design-build competitions, and PM services from design to completion of construction. Prior to the basic concept, a portion of the existing office space at the Sanage Plant was renovated to provide a trial office for approximately 200 employees. Office guidelines were established as a vision of the ideal work style of “connecting with anyone, anywhere, anytime,” and were applied to the global headquarters to promote work style reform. A new collaboration area was established at the headquarters to connect people inside and outside the company with information to promote the active exchange of knowledge. In addition, refreshment areas and other spaces were placed along the flow line of the atrium stairwell, which is the main flow line for employees, to provide a place for casual communication.


Location: Kariya, Aichi, Japan
Floors: 7 aboveground
Structure: S
Total floor area: 28,504㎡
Completion: 2020.06
Scope of work: Planning concept, grand design, basic planning, CM, workplace consulting


34th Nikkei New Office Award (Chubu New Office Promotion Award)