Thang Long Industrial Park II Rental Office Building


The purpose behind this project was to develop a new rental office building in “Thang Long Industrial Park II”, located in northern Vietnam’s Hung Yen province. Rental offices occupy the first floor, while the management offices of Thang Long Industrial Park II moved into the second floor. Designed to be simple and transparent, the facade combines evenly distributed, thin vertical frames with large glass panels. The white-based interior offers an elegant touch that complements the soft sunlight filtered through the glass. The broad eaves extending from the roof provide shelter and represent the hospitality of the occupants respectfully welcoming visitors.


Location: Hanoi, Vietnam

Floors: 2 aboveground

Structure: RC, S

Design period: March 2016-Feb. 2017

Construction period: March 2017-Sep. 2017

Total floor area: 1,528 m2