Daidan Hokuriku Branch


This is a project to reconstruct an aging building facing Hyakumangoku Street, Kanazawa.

Because of its proximity to a traditional building preservation district, the height of the building and the brightness and saturation of the exterior materials were kept to a minimum in consideration of the neighborhood.

The openness and privacy of the building were combined with a buffer zone to regulate natural energy such as ventilation and sunlight, and an open-air porch was created around the perimeter of the offices to promote staff interaction.

Heat-treated wooden fins were combined with the curtain wall to create a façade that allows visitors to feel the delicacy and depth of the wood used in the interior through the glass.

The dimmable lighting system, which is reminiscent of a paper lantern, also contributes to the nighttime scenery.

The use of CLT and laminated wood for part of the structure increases CO2 storage in construction and achieves ZEB Ready through the effective use of energy.

The building has also acquired CASBEE SWO certification, and is designed to be an office building that allows for a variety of work styles in harmony with nature.


Location : Kanazawa, Ishikawa
Floors: 3 floors above ground
Structure: S construction, partly wooden
Site area: 531m2
Building area: 427m2
Total floor space: 995m2

Work begins: 2020.05
Design Completion: 2021.04
Work completed: 2022.04

Photo by: SS Co.,Ltd., Hokuriku Branch


36th Nikkei New Office Award (Chubu New Office Encouragement Award)

42nd Ishikawa Architectural Award (Honorable Mention)

29th Ishikawa Landscape Grand Prize (Ishikawa Landscape Award)

45th Kanazawa Urban Beauty Culture Award

17th Wood Architecture Award (Selection Committee’s Special Prize)

Wood Design Award 2023

35th Ishikawa Advertising Landscape Award (Ishikawa Outdoor Advertisers Association Award)