Fuji Precision Toyokawa Plant


This is a project to build a new Toyokawa plant for Fuji Precision Corporation, which has the top share in automatic control valves for air conditioners. The factory building with offices and a future expansion area were developed on a 33,000 m2 site located on the north side of the Oki-cho Industrial Park in Toyokawa, Aichi Prefecture. Aiming to improve the efficiency of the production area in the factory, we organized the material flow lines and realized an updated system of production equipment that does not interfere with other lines. The dynamic and symbolic 100-meter-long façade, as the face of Fuji Precision, which will not change even if the building is expanded in the future, was designed to unify the Fuji Koki Group by using the same material as the Fuji Koki headquarters building, “perforated folded plates,” and by using “upper and lower volumes based on white and black colors.


Location: Toyokawa city, Aichi, Japan
Floors: 2 aboveground
Structure: S
Site area: 32,800.99㎡
Building area: 4,517.28㎡
Total floor area: 5,595.68㎡
Completion: 2017.10