EDGE Suitengu Renewal


A renewal project for an office building completed in 1990, this project was undertaken in parallel with EDGE Nihonbashi-Kakigaracho(Tokyo). The building, with its aged appearance, had significantly lower rents than the surrounding market rate, leading to a decrease in rents due to its weak competitiveness in this area, where many office buildings exist in the vicinity. Instead of implementing existing retroactive work that would have required a large amount of cost, the exterior and common-area interior were reborn through design. The new building’s rent increased by 40% compared to the rent before the renovation, and the company was able to set rents that were competitive in the surrounding market, resulting in successful leasing. This is a sustainable example of maximizing the value of an existing old building through the power of design, rather than scrapping and building, and making it viable for future use.