Net One Systems Innovation Center "netone valley"


“netone valley” aims to create innovation through new collaborations where people, information, and technology meet.

Sustainable ICT services are realized by creating a space that encourages communication and open innovation within and outside the company.

The valley connecting the 5th and 6th floors, located in the center of the office, is a mechanism to induce innovation by expanding the flow of people three-dimensionally through the atrium, and was designed so that the history of projects and innovations are layered like a valley, using natural materials such as wood, mortar, concrete, and plants. The design is based on the history of projects and innovations stacked up like a canyon.

Plantings are placed around the columns of the “Valley”, and a stage located in the center of the building sometimes serves as a staircase, bench, presentation stage, or seating area for various activities.

On the 7th floor, the “View Lounge” is a lounge space for internal and external meetings and socializing.

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Location : Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo
Floors : 7 floors above ground, Tower house: 1 floor
Structure : Iron and steel
Surface area : 5,292 square meters
Building area: 4,288 square meters
Total floor space: 25,434 square meters

Start of business: 2019.11
Design completed: 2021.07
Business completion: 2023.04
Photo: Blue Hours


Selected for the 8th Interior Planning Award