Takamatsu Construction Group Tokyo Head Office


This is a new construction project for the Takamatsu Construction Group’s Tokyo headquarters building. Located at the intersection of Daiichi Keihin and Route 130, and visible from both JR and Monorail lines, the building was designed to be an aesthetically pleasing, modern office building. The exterior is constructed with a double-skin curtain wall, Japan’s first closed-cavity façade (CCF) system, which excels in environmental performance, sound insulation, and ease of maintenance, while frameless high-transparency glass is used to create a sense of transparency. The exterior design is streamlined and smooth with curved corner surfaces. Utilizing the comprehensive design system, public open space and sidewalk-like open space were created on the ground level to form a green space, and an 8-meter-high pilotis was built facing the intersection to create an open space. The structural members are pure Ramen with equal spans and story heights, and seismic dampers are balanced around the core to create a flexible office space with no interior columns.


Location: Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Floors: 18 aboveground, 1 belowground, 1 penthouse
Structure: S,RC,SRC
Site area: 1,530㎡
Building area: 891㎡
Total floor area: 16,489㎡
Completion: 2023.04
Client: Takamatsu Construction Group