Laboratory / Office

TOYOTA MOTOR Powertrain Joint Development Facility


The remotely located R&D and manufacturing functions have been consolidated at the origin of Toyota's founding-the grounds of the head factory. The new development base integrated both functions for realization of innovative processes in new technology developments, production methods enabling development of powertrain in distinguished level, and its swift commercialization. Spaces for discussions between researchers and engineers from different expertise are positioned in the office to allow exchange of ideas whilst reviewing design drawings, product parts, and mock ups of vehicles.The consolidated development zone (level 7 to 9) works as a hub, connected with upper levels for functional evaluation of prototypes, production method development, and components (level 10 to 12), and lower levels for evaluation/ conformity area which focuses on unit/vehicle evaluation (level 1 to 6). This consolidated floor zoning allows entire flow of research, development, production, and evaluation to be completed within the building.


Location: Toyota, Aichi
Floors: 12 aboveground
Total floor area: 100,000 ㎡