N.E. CHEMCAT Head Office


This office reform project was undertaken in conjunction with the relocation of the NECC office to actively encourage horizontal communication across departments. With fewer opportunities for face-to-face meetings due to remote work, the traditional vertical communication within departments was reviewed, and a free address system was introduced for each group based on the concept of <CONNECCT (coined word; NECC is an abbreviation of the client’s name), which means connection. A communication space named “NECO CAFÉ” was set up on the window side of the building to stimulate communication between executives and employees, as well as among employees. Various innovations were made to facilitate communication, whether face-to-face or not, by installing spaces for standing small meetings, family restaurant booths with monitors, video and audio equipment that allows multiple people to participate in videoconferences, and electronic whiteboards at each location.


Location: Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Floors: 27 aboveground
Total floor area: 1,133㎡
Completion: 2021.04
Client: N.E. CHEMCAT Co., Ltd